About Taylor’s Character, Rosemary in “The Giver”


  • Rosemary was the ‘Receiver of Memory’ that failed and brought some memories back to the Community.
  • She is the Giver’s daughter and became the Receiver after him. But because of all the pain and loss of the sorrowful memories, she applied for release, therefore commiting suicide.
  • Rosemary never appeared in the actual story. Her existence is known because the Giver told Jonas about her.
  • Rosemary is the only known character to apply for release.
  • After her Release, it was made an official rule that The Receiver could not apply for release. This was because the memories that Rosemary had received had been released among the community.
  • After Rosemary’s release, her name was banned. No newchildren could be named Rosemary, unlike when the Elders were released and their names reused.



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